Fuji H2 Analyser


  • Easy-to-see large LCD is helpful for efficient operation.
  • Line voltage lies within 100 V to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz.
  • Zero point and span can be automatically calibrated
  • RS-232C MODBUS TM communication
  • Flame proof  version available for countries outside of European Union (No CE Mark)
  • Interference compensation
  • Concentration alarm


  • H2 monitoring in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, hydrogen generation equipment, calcining furnaces
  • Ar, He, CH4 measurement in gas generation plants
  • He measurement in superconducting devices
  • Ar measurement in air-separation plants

Ideal for H2, Ar, and He measurement

The analyzer continuously measures the concentration of gases such as H2, He, and Ar with high stability.
A flame proof version is available (ZAFE) for countries outside of European Union (No CE Mark).


This thermal conductivity gas analyzer measures gas concentration by utilizing the difference of thermal conductivities between two gas components. In the detector, there are a reference chamber and a measuring chamber, in each of which a thin platinum wire is stretched. The reference chamber is filled with reference gas. The sample gas is flowed through the measuring